Stephanie Khan
6th Nov 2017

What apprenticeships can 16-18-year olds apply for? 

Apprenticeships are ideal for school or college leavers that are looking for an alternative way to continue their education. Level 3 apprenticeships, also known as advanced apprenticeships, are the most popular choice for teenagers that have just come out of full-time education. The level 3 qualification is equivalent to A-Levels, but with Arch with nearly every programme we offer, you also gain at least one additional vendor certification. These extra qualifications are industry-recognised and are usually a big selling point for candidates that are considering starting an apprenticeship.  

What apprenticeships would be good for 16-18-year-olds? 

At Arch here’s what would be suitable for school/college leavers: 

  • Level 3 Digital Marketer 
  • Level 3 Junior Content Producer 
  • Level 3 IT Infrastructure Technician 
  • Level 3 Assistant Accountant 

What the benefits of doing an apprenticeship as a young person? 

It offers those that don’t enjoy sitting in a classroom all day but would rather get hands-on and get stuck in. An apprenticeship means that a young person can start learning life and work skills while earning a salary and gaining a qualification – all at the same time. It’s shocking how much a teenager can grow and how quickly they pick things up within the space of just over a year. An apprentice’s list of responsibilities can double during the time of their apprenticeship, and once they’ve successfully finished the programme they easily slot into a permanent job role. In 2015, 131,400 under 19-year-olds started an apprenticeship, with 89% of apprentices being satisfied with their apprenticeship.  

Do I need any previous qualifications to start an apprenticeship? 

We ideally like candidates to have five GCSE’s (or equivalent) at grade C (or 4) and above. It’s essential that our candidates have an English and Maths GCSE at grade C or above, and you may be required to take a functional skills exam if you don’t have an IT GCSE.  

Employers sometimes ask for specific qualifications which will be outlined in the apprenticeship vacancy advert.  

What happens after I’ve finished my apprenticeship? 

Nearly all of our apprentices are offered a full-time job by their employer once they’ve finished their apprenticeship. In their eyes, they’ve invested over a year’s worth of their time into you and have seen you grow into a role. If you’re not offered a job then we will help you find another one, so it’s important to have that conversation with your line manager early on so you are prepared for what’s going to happen once you’re no longer an apprentice.  

There’s also the option to progress onto a higher apprenticeship, find out more about level 4 and above apprenticeship programmes.  It’s a great way to continue your education while still working and helps with your career progression. 

Sounds like something you might be interested in? 

Every week we add new apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of roles in the digital, IT, creative and finance industries. See what live jobs we have at the moment, apply for a role and kick-start your career! 

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