New apprenticeship standards for digital careers

The government has approved 13 new apprenticeship standards covering a broad spectrum of digital careers. Employers have helped to develop the new apprenticeship standards by working through the Tech Partnership. The Tech Partnership’s Digital Apprenticeship Standards Group works with employers to develop new apprenticeship standards.

New apprentices can now expect to be able to choose a digital career at an appropriate level for them. School leavers with several GCSEs can find a suitable apprenticeship for their education level. The apprenticeship levels progress to provide appropriate apprenticeship training up to degree level. There are also opportunities to start an apprenticeship with an existing employer.

About the Tech Partnership 

The Tech Partnership is formed of employers committed to creating the much needed skills in today’s digital marketplace. By the year 2025, the Tech Partnership hopes to create the skills for a million technical jobs. Employers work together through the Partnership to enrich the digital workforce. The Tech Partnership’s Digital Apprenticeship Standards group works with employers to develop new apprenticeship standards.

Skills for apprentices

Twenty-three skills areas have been detailed as being ideal for training purposes. Employers are in the process of developing apprenticeship standards to suit their business areas. 13 new apprenticeship standards are now available, and more are in the process of being developed. In the near future, many more standards will be available for new apprentices seeking digital apprenticeships.

Tech Industry Gold accreditation

The Tech Partnership offers Industry Gold accreditation to reputable training providers. This gives businesses the opportunity to grade the highest standard of digital apprenticeship providers. These providers offer a superior quality training experience. Gold accredited providers are focused on meeting the employer’s needs and delivering excellence. This boosts productivity in the workplace. Many top employers will only commit to Tech Industry Gold accredited training providers as this ensures quality and focus.

Modern employers want their apprentices to receive the best possible training to help them to get on at work as quickly as possible. Employers remain confident in Tech Industry Gold apprenticeship programs. This trend looks sure to continue next year with the introduction of the new Digital Apprenticeship Service.

Arch digital apprenticeships

Digital apprenticeship training is available through us, Arch Apprentices, in the following areas:
• Software Developer
• Software Tester
• Network Engineer
• Digital Marketer
• IT Technician Salesperson
• Infrastructure Technician
• Data Analyst
• UC Trouble Shooter
Approved apprenticeship standards, like the ones outlined above, cover the needs of modern businesses.

The Apprenticeship Levy

Since April 2017, the Apprenticeship Levy has come into effect. This has affected how many employers get involved in providing apprenticeships across all industry sectors. Many employers are currently focusing their efforts on delivering the best quality modern apprenticeships. With more employers working together to fill the remaining skills gap, even more digital apprenticeships will be available soon.