Arch Apprentices is the UK’s leading provider of Digital and IT talent. We tap into a talent pool overlooked by many: identifying, training and placing fantastic emerging talent into Digital and IT apprenticeship roles.

Awarded Ofsted Outstanding in all areas, Arch Apprentices has placed over 1,500 apprenticeships since starting in 2012, and now works with over 500 employers, including Google, Facebook, Barclays, John Lewis and The Guardian.


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Apprenticeship Levy

Welcome to the world of the Apprenticeship Levy 

The Apprenticeship Levy has come at a time when the need to adopt a digital-first strategy within businesses is at its greatest.  With the tech skills gap costing the UK economy over £63billion a year, the Levy allows UK businesses to take a huge leap into the future by supercharging their investment in skills of all types, but especially Digital and IT.

What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

Read here more about the Apprenticeship Levy in detail.


What does it mean to you?

The Levy can be used to upskill existing employees or recruit & train new employees working towards an approved Apprenticeship Standard. For example, the government has approved 13 new Apprenticeship Standards for the digital industry.

Smaller companies can still take advantage of available Government funding, which may include an employer contribution.


How can Arch help you?

Arch, one of the leading providers of future facing professional Apprenticeship programmes, knows how to help you deal with the headache that the Levy has created and how you can maximise its benefits.

We can help you convert this cost into a professional-grade training programme in the areas we specialise in (IT, Digital and Data) for your existing employees as well as new staff (school leavers, graduates and ‘business as usual’ hires).  In doing so we will ensure that the investment in training the Government is forcing you to make delivers a real return for your business and shareholders.

Arch can help you with:

  • The account and Levy management
  • The recruitment and onboarding
  • The delivery of the training
  • The quality management

If you would like a free consultation on how the Levy affects you and the options available please call us on 020 8080 9553

Download the Apprenticeship Levy Guide here


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Arch combines talent with great employers to create valuable and productive employees in IT and Digital jobs.
Hear what employers say about their apprentices.


What makes Arch special

What Arch Apprentice employers say:

“Our four young apprentices have impressed us with their skillset and knowledge. They have a hunger to learn and an enthusiasm to work hard…Arch Apprentices and the team have been hugely supportive, providing off-site training and guidance throughout the apprenticeship.”

Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of EMEA, Facebook

“We have been delighted with how our apprentices have performed at Google and have been really pleased that we have been able to grow our programme every year since we first recruited apprentices with Arch in early 2013.”

Carli Gooch, Apprenticeship Programme lead, Google

“We are very lucky to have secured these four talented individuals and the work they will be doing with us will help improve our digital business and launch them on their careers.”

John Barnes, MD Digital & Technology, Incisive Media

“Arch apprentices have made a real difference to our business. They have helped us to improve our websites and other digital marketing collateral, to run effective outbound marketing campaigns and to undertake the crucial analysis that tells us what is working and what isn’t. We hope that many of our apprentices will have long careers with us and we will be taking on more as we continue to grow and develop.”

Phil Hullah, CEO, Home Learning College

“Having Apprentices join the Agilisys Product Team has given us useful and increased bandwidth to explore new options such as on-line video marketing collateral. Their presence has allowed us to experiment in areas which previously we would not have had time for, and have brought a new and different perspective to our Group”

Sara Whiteside, Manager, Agilisys Digital
  • Developed by an employer for its own benefit – and now open to other employers
  • Proven with a wide range of employers from small to global brands, from charities to commercial organisations
  • Leaders in the digital training field: we were the first to develop and deliver full digital marketing apprenticeships

How Arch Apprentices work

Step 1

You decide you want an apprentice or put an existing young employee on an apprenticeship

Step 2

You appoint Arch to be your Government approved training provider

Step 3

Arch advertises the role(s) for you, filters applicants and provides you with a high quality short list

Step 4

Arch does all the off-the-job training, on the job assessment and associated accreditation, plus all the administrative paperwork

Step 5

Government funds the training (100% for apprentices 18 and under, less for apprentices who are 19 or above, depending on the size of the firm)

Step 6

You employ the apprentice, pay their salary (typically less than you would pay for a ‘normal’ entry level role) and invest in developing their on-the-job skills

Step 7

At the end of the apprenticeship, you decide whether you want to keep them on as a full time employee; if ‘yes’, then you have a fantastic new permanent employee, loyal to you and trained to what you need; if ‘no’, then we help them find their next role and you can be satisfied that you’ve given that young person that all important first job

Call our Employer Engagement team now on 020 8080 9553 if you want to talk about taking on an Arch Apprentice

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