What our employers have to say

Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of EMEA at Facebook: “Facebook is delighted with the Arch apprenticeship programme. Our four young apprentices have impressed us with their skillset and knowledge. They’ve a hunger to learn and enthusiasm to work hard. Arch Apprentices and the team have been hugely supportive, providing off-site training and guidance through the apprenticeship”


Sioned Williams, Head of Learning at MBNA: “We wanted to develop our own pool of talent to really meet the challenges head on. Our rapidly developing digital function needed an influx of fresh, keen and innovative people to take it to the next level. We were really impressed in part due to the existing relationships that Arch had built with digital pioneers like Google, Facebook and Barclays, but particularly because they had originated and developed the Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship.

There’s a huge investment involved, and we’re focused on maximising the opportunity, and that means not only bringing in new people but also utilising and developing the talent we already have. Given the range and variety of possible apprenticeships of all levels, we’re looking at a whole programme which is focused on the areas of the business where apprenticeships will make the most contribution to the business’s success.”

Nic Travis, Head of Digital Marketing at MBNA: “The apprentices’ initial knowledge of digital impressed us and the work-based approach has seen them rapidly pick up the required skills. All of our apprentices have proven themselves to be highly competent individuals and within a few months, they have been operating as self-sufficient members of the team. Without a doubt they are helping us to grow our business and are bringing in fresh ideas about how to market our products.”


Sarah Mitchell, Talent Acquisition Manager at IPG Mediabrands: “In terms of the steps for hiring an apprentice through Arch, it’s really been quite simple. Arch came in and really took the time to understand the roles we were recruiting for, they then really did all the work. They’d send us a selection of CV’s, I could then select candidates and invite them in for interviews and run it like a normal recruitment process.”

Alex Norman, Head of Ad Operations at IPG Mediabrands: “Our apprentices have come to the role with great veracity for digital, they’re obviously quite young and have grown up with a lot of the industry and the technologies that we work with, so they’re incredibly savvy. Any kind of digital ecosystem they’ve work with they just take for granted, and anyone at an apprentice level is already used to working with the systems we work with.”


Matt Campbell, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Futureproof:

“After we’d seen how successful our previous apprentice had been, we were keen to take more people on. We thought it was a scheme that really worked, it represents incredible value for particularly small and medium size businesses as a fantastic way to expand the workforce in a very cost effective way.”

“The great thing about the apprentices that have joined Futureproof is we can effectively tailor make their careers. We also had a hand in the way they study but also how they work to very much suit us and them.”

“For us also it gave us access to a very talented, highly diverse and young workforce.”


Francis Namouk, CEO at Streaming Well “Our apprentices’ maturity, talent and dedication to her work goes above and beyond what we expected. She is outstanding proof that the apprentice programme really works. We at Streaming Well are thankful to Arch Apprentices for introducing us to our apprentice and look forward to other candidates in the near future.”


Jo Birch-Phaure, Senior Comms. & New Business Officer at UKYouth: “Having an apprentice has been a fantastic experience for UK Youth. Arch and the team are hugely supportive and we are happy that our apprentice is learning quickly and has become a vital part of the team, thanks to support from their team and ours. Our apprentice is a keen and enthusiastic learner and it is great to have an extra pair of hands. One of the interesting things about having an apprentice is that because so much of what you are asking them is new they need to be fully supported and managed appropriately to understand and engage with the activity, which has created an even more supportive atmosphere in the team and forced managers to really understand and explain what they are asking. We feel confident that our apprentice is learning skills internally that are relevant to her qualification and useful in a wide variety of work settings whilst also increasing the capacity of our team and upskilling our managers in their support skills.”

Chris Hobcroft, Chief Operations Officer at Fuse: “Our apprentices are a real pleasure to have around… with a hunger to learn, and an enthusiasm to work hard and do their very best. They take direction well, will reliably perform the tasks required of them – and are always seeking to improve the work they do in the team.  Feels good to inject some enthusiasm into the team – and also to give them an opportunity to learn and develop their careers”


Victoria Marshall, Head of Operations at Instrumental: “The digital landscape is rapidly changing and knowledge gained in a university, while valuable, can prove to be archaic in the digital sector. Through Arch Apprentices, companies can provide opportunities not only to young, talented individuals to gain on-the-job experience but also chance to further develop more senior staff as they’re tasked with mentoring and managing the apprentices. Instrumental’s apprentices are energetic, bright and have been involved in everything from artist management to digital design. Moreover, their work, as well as their insight, has proved to be valuable to us.  I encourage companies to consider having apprentices as they offer talent and diversity to any team.”


Joseph Hollans-Gibson, SEO Manager at Banc Media: “Our apprentice is involved in many aspects of the business. He’s learning in a few months what took me year, he’s really impressed everyone and he’s become a key member of the team”

“I found it extremely rewarding having an apprentice. I realised that teaching someone actually helps to reinforce your own knowledge”


Abtien Ghamsari, LBTH Business Office Manager at Agilisys “He’s really helped the business office through really tough and testing times.”

“To be honest I don’t know how we’d have gone through past six months without him”

Stefanie Agar, Head of Marketing at Agilisys “As a small team, the Agilisys Corporate Communications function has benefited greatly by taking on an apprentice. After a quick ramp-up phase. Our apprentice has become a valuable member of our team, increasing our capacity to deliver high quality digital and print collateral that supports our entire business, including bid material, event brochures, and taking responsibility for regular updates to our corporate website.”