For Parents and Advisors

Is an apprenticeship a good option for a young person?

  • An apprenticeship is the only route where a young person can develop their qualifications, get that all-important first ‘break’ and start to earn their own money
  • One in five of all UK companies have someone in their senior management team who started their career as an apprentice – so apprenticeships really work (City & Guilds survey 2013)
  • Jamie Oliver, Deborah Meaden, Charlie Mullins (the founder of Pimlico Plumbers) and Stella McCartney all kick started their incredibly successful careers in apprenticeships
  • Lots of employers tell us they rate apprentices as highly as graduates in terms of commitment, skills and willingness to learn

Can I trust Arch to give my young person a good apprenticeship?

  • Judged Ofsted Outstanding in all areas inspected by Ofsted
  • 90% of Arch Apprentices are satisfied or very satisfied with their apprenticeship
  • 96% get the position they want on completing their apprenticeship, usually a permanent job with the employer with whom they did their apprenticeship
  • Arch was set up by Agilisys to deliver its own apprenticeships – we are an unusual and highly regarded “employer provider”, not just another training provider or college
  • We have unparalleled relationships with some of the leading IT and Digital employers with whom we continue to create new apprenticeship roles for young people that no other provider can match
  • We are an accredited training centre for City & Guilds and Edexcel with whom we also have “Direct Claims Status” (which means they have inspected our provision and deemed it to be very good).

For Parents and Advisors


We have legal requirements to ensure all our Apprentices are healthy and safe, a role we take very seriously and believe adds hugely to the success and enjoyment of everyone in our programme. Our named safeguarding officer is our Operations Director, Sam Sawyer, whose email and mobile number all apprentices have and can call at any time if there is anything of concern to them. Please email her at if you have any questions.

Equality and Diversity

We are proud of the excellent mix we have in terms of ethnicity, social background and gender, which means you can be sure a young person applying to us will be judged solely on merit, and will be part of a rich and diverse group of young people starting their careers together.

Post Apprenticeship

It is vital for us and our mission that all apprentices get great jobs and look back on their Arch Apprenticeship with pride and pleasure.

Arch formally reviews every apprentice’s progress at 3, 6 and 9 months as well as at the end of their apprenticeship.

For the few who are not going to continue with the employer with whom they completed their apprenticeship, we have a Career Club where qualifying apprentices are channelled towards other great employment opportunities and given extra advice and coaching to get these roles.

On top of this, all Arch Apprentices are invited to join A4 (the Arch Apprentices Alumni Association), through which former Arch Apprentices can stay in touch with each other and build their growing professional networks.

In addition, all apprentices are invited, along with at least one member of their family, to a special graduation ceremony to mark and celebrate their achievements.