Facebook Apprenticeships

YOU TOO can work for one of Britain’s brightest companies

Thank you for your interest in Apprenticeships at Facebook. 

An Apprenticeship is a great way to earn money, gain that all important first step on the career ladder and get a qualification.  -An apprenticeship at Facebook can give you all three.

The IT, Digital and Media industries are growing fast across the UK.  Employment is set to grow at nearly five times the national average and by 2016 the UK internet economy will be worth £224bn.  Thousands of employers including Facebook need more people and new skills so they are looking for fresh young talent by offering apprenticeships

“Facebook is delighted with the Arch Apprenticeship programme.  Our four young apprentices have impressed us with their skillset and knowledge.  They have a hunger to learn and an enthusiasm to work hard.  Arch Apprentices and the team have been hugely supportive, providing off-site training and guidance throughout the apprenticeship” Nicola Mendelsohn, VP of EMEA, Facebook

Join hundreds of young people already in world class apprenticeships with companies like Barclays, Facebook and Google:

  • Earn £750 – £1500 a month during your Apprenticeship
  • 93% Of Arch Apprentices move straight into a job
  • Earn £15k – £20K immediately post apprenticeship!

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