Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

As the UK economy rebounds, companies are creating more Digital Marketing Jobs and are looking for new ways to find the people with the skills they need: this means Digital Marketing Apprentices are in demand.

Arch is the leading provider of Digital Marketing Apprenticeships in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham, with dozens of roles available at any time. Arch’s Digital Marketing Apprentices work in global companies, like Google, Facebook and Barclays, as well as companies, large, medium and small in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham’s booming tech and media sectors, who see Arch as the provider of their apprenticeships in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

Digital Marketing Apprentices undertake entry level roles in Content Creation and Content Marketing, Search Marketing (Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation), Email Management and Social Media Marketing and Analytics.  At the same time as getting that all important first job, our apprentices also work towards a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship qualification at either Level 3 or Level 4 (equivalent to a Foundation Degree). 

Have a look at our current vacancies and see what our apprentices are like for yourself.