Digital Leadership Apprenticeships

Organisations are creating more Digital Leadership jobs and are looking for new ways to find the people with the skills they need: this means Digital Leadership Apprentices are in demand.

Arch is a leading provider of Digital Leadership Apprenticeships in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham working in partnership with leading professional qualifications provider, AVADO Learning. Arch’s Digital Leadership Apprenticeships helps existing employees at a managerial level in HR to formalise their skills and gain Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) certification.

Arch’s Digital Leadership Apprentices work for big brands, as well as large agencies in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham’s booming IT sector, who see Arch as a leading provider of Digital Leadership apprenticeships in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham.

Arch’s Digital Leadership Apprentices are in a wide range of roles as Operational and Regional Managers. Our Digital Leadership Apprentices also work towards a Digital Leadership Apprenticeship qualification at Level 5.

During the Digital Leadership Apprenticeship you will learn the following modules:

  • Personal development as a manager and leader
  • Information based decision making
  • Managing teams and individual performance
  • Organisational financial management
  • Project development and control
  • Management recruitment, selection and induction

You will also master the following skills:

  • Strategic planning
  • Managing resources
  • Commercial awareness
  • Change management
  • Talent and performance management
  • Critical analysis
  • Care for customer experience

If you are a working professional that is an existing employee with a business and would like to find out more information about the Digital Leadership programme, then please let get in touch.