Arch Apprenticeships lead to great careers

Arch Apprenticeships are a great route into high end careers in the IT and Digital world.

Britain’s digital economy is on the up. According to the Boston Consulting Group, as a share of gross domestic product, the UK already has the largest internet-based economy in the world. This growth is resulting in a surge of demand for jobs, with recruitment in digital outperforming all other sectors by 2020.

While this may sound like good news, this unexpected growth is presenting new challenges for businesses of all sizes.

The British Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 workforce survey found that when hiring, two-thirds of businesses
believe tech knowledge is key – and yet, alarmingly, a quarter of these firms report digital skills shortages.
Demand continues to grow, but there aren’t enough people with the necessary “tech” skills to fill these jobs.

This means that people – like Arch Apprentices – who have the right qualification, like a relevant Apprenticeship, have experience and can demonstrate the right attitude – are in demand. And “in demand” means good salaries, starting post-apprenticeship at £15k-£20k and rising to six figure salaries for those at the top of the profession. It also means well-structured and highly respected careers with clear paths for progression.

Join some of the fastest growing professions in the world and apply to be an Arch Apprentice today.