Types of apprenticeships

By the end of 2017, the majority of current apprenticeship frameworks will be replaced by apprenticeship standards.  Created by employers for employers, these new standards are now for all ages and all levels including degree/masters level qualifications.  This means existing staff, as well as new hires (school leavers, graduates and ‘business as usual’ hires), can benefit from the new standards.

Arch remain at the forefront of developing and delivering professional-grade training programmes in IT, Digital and Data, working with employer groups consisting of companies such as BCS, Microsoft, Experian, Creative Pioneers 2, Medicacom and Mindshare.

Responding to the needs of partner companies, Arch is the first training provider to deliver the new Level 4 Data Analyst Standard.

The following standards are in Arch’s current offering. Find out more about the programme below:



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