Why an apprenticeship?

Arch Apprenticeships lead to great jobs
of Arch Apprentices move straight into a destination of their choice when they finish the apprenticeship.
Many see their salary go up to £16k-£25k a year immediately post-apprenticeship
of our apprentices say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their apprenticeship.

A range of opportunities available right now

Arch works with a large number of leading employers in the digital and IT sectors. This includes some of the biggest names in the world, including:

We have a steady stream of outstanding apprenticeship jobs coming to us, so whether you live in and around London, Bristol, Birmingham or Greater Manchester there will be an opportunity for you.

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Meet Arch Apprentices

You don’t only need to take our word for it, our apprentices can tell you about their experience working as an Arch apprentice. You can read their case studies, or watch more on our YouTube channel.


Earning Potential

Because “tech” skills are in short supply in a world where they are also in high demand, the earning potential in IT and digital careers is good.

Arch apprentices typically earn £16k-£25k on completion of their apprenticeship. Salaries while an apprentice (getting all the support and training required to get your career off to a flying start) are typically between £8k-£15k.

The following table shows how we expect Arch apprentices to progress in terms of their salary through their careers:

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